Mustela - Gentle Skincare For Babies & Expectant Mothers

If you’ve never heard of the name Mustela, you’ve been missing out. This gentle French brand has been at the forefront of maternity and infant skincare for over 70 years. Their mission is to make parental lives easier by reducing irritation caused by nappy rash, harsh chemicals, and reactions. The brand ensures their products are gentle by considering two factors: newborn dermatology and plant-based ingredients. Their ground-breaking scientific research has indicated the porous and dehydrated nature of young skin, which means wholesome skincare is critical. In response, they have created safe and kind products for youth ‚Äî and even adults!

Skincare For Mothers, Children & Babies

One of the best parts of Mustela is that they offer products for pregnant women, children and babies. As they value wellbeing just like you, the brand aims to use organic ingredients and plant extracts. For instance, look at Mustela Maternite 3 In 1 Stretch Marks Cream and Mustela Maternite Bust Firming Serum. Both use the power of avocado to promote health and healing for expectant women. Meanwhile, there’s a range of baby products for all occasions. Grab Mustela Cleansing Milk for general cleansing or Mustela Gentle Cleansing Gel Hair & Body for dual coverage. There’s even Mustela Hydra B√©b√© Face Cream With Avocado for infant faces. Incredibly, it strengthens the skin barrier to protect against harsh environmental aggravations. The Soothing Cleansing Wipes Fragrance Free is perfect for cleansing sensitive skin without fuss.

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