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What Are Eco Friendly Beauty Products?

Many businesses and individuals are moving away from regular consumer goods and moving towards environmentally friendly products. Eco friendly beauty products are made from renewable resources or organic matter. Examples of this include plant-based products, minerals and botanicals. More people are moving towards natural beauty alternatives. Namely for environmental reasons or added health benefits. You'll find nature-friendly products across all beauty lines including makeup, hair care, waxing and hair colours. Specifically, you can select from either natural, vegan or organic products.

Which should you use? Vegan, Natural or Organic Beauty?

There are three main types of eco-friendly products. They comprise of the following:

  • Vegan: Products that are considered vegan contain no animal byproducts. Instead, they use alternate ingredients that have been ethically sourced. Vegan items are also not tested on animals.
  • Nautral: Natural beauty products only contain naturally sourced ingredients. This means they contain no harmful chemicals and is mostly made up of botanicals and minerals.
  • Organic: Beauty products contain mostly organically sourced ingredients. They've got fewer chemicals and have better health properties. Pesticides and other harmful additives are not used on any of the ingredients listed.
  • Additionally, vegan beauty products aim to minimise irritation and promote health properties. Not only are they good for you, but earth too. Besides, who doesn't love helping the environment?

    Benefits Of Eco Friendly Products

    There are a number of benefits to using organic. Firstly, it's better for the planet. By selecting products with minimal chemicals, it's safer to go down our drains and re-enter the water systems. Secondly, they aren't tested on animals. Last but not least, they are better for you. Fewer chemicals will be absorbed into your skin. It means your skin will be healthier using eco-friendly beauty products.

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