Panasonic Hair Appliances

The history behind the brand is long, but the company didn't start by making its world-famous appliances for the beauty industry. It started with audio speakers. As a logical consequence of launching a treasured electric product, the brand expanded its product base to more successful home electrical appliances and technology. Decades of keeping customers delighted are another plus to the company profile. If you want a brand with experience in making electrical equipment, you cannot go wrong with Panasonic.

Panasonic Hairstyling Tools

Unless you are specifically interested in the barbershop industry, for which Panasonic also makes trimmers and clippers, you are most likely to be drawn to a brand such as Panasonic by a good word of mouth. Long-time users of Panasonic hairdryers or Panasonic styling iron share good reviews for decades. The brand makes innovations so fast that it is hard for consumers to keep up. However, as a salon owner, you are more interested in most recent hairstyling and beauty technologies and what Panasonic has to offer.

Panasonic Moisture Infusion Hair Dryer

Moisture-infusing technology is one level above other electrical hair tools. Ionising options, help the fibres retain more moisture as the excess dries out. Enabled with triple functionality - dual airflow, focused airflow, and an air diffuser - this hairdryer can match hairstyling needs beyond home equipment and is an excellent choice for professional use. The cool shoot button and the 9-foot rotating power cord make the job of a hairdresser that much easier.

Panasonic Nanoe Flat and Styling Iron

The iron with an ergonomic design and a comfortable grip that fits nicely into the hand of the hair expert. Additionally, it guarantees unrestricted, painless motion and easy hairstyling throughout a busy day. Nanoe stands for the advanced trademark technology developed by Panasonic to style hair without the guilt of creating undesirable and irreparable damage. Furthermore, with the iron ceramic plates, it pulls tiny moisture particles from the air. They penetrate the hair and maintain the wanted hairstyle throughout the whole day.

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