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Salon Stations

During the colouring or styling process, clients love to watch what is going on. They can do this at a salon station, where they can watch you manoeuvre their hair into an incredible work of art. Salon stations are also for practicality for you, as they are a great place to rest your equipment throughout. You can add magazines and reading materials to the table or if you offer tea and coffee services, this is a great place to rest their drinks. You can even add some fresh flowers to decorate the salon a little.

Using Salon Stations For Style

When selecting between salon stations, it can be tough. You'll find many different styles and designs on offer at AMR. Firstly, you need to think about the design of your salon. What colours will work best? Does wood, white or black work best in your environment? You then need to decide if you'd like a free-standing mirror, a tall station or more of a desk with storage. You can even select a double island station for those bigger spaces. For once, you won't need to pick practicality over style when you can have both!

Salon Stations For Home Salons

Just because you are a home salon doesn't mean you can't have a salon station. We offer smaller stations to fit in little spaces. The more sleek and narrow design means you'll be able to have more space to move around. The width is generally a little wider than the desks, this is because of storage space at the sides. This can double as a mixing bench and storage cabinet. All you'll need to do now is select a colour, a salon chair and add your stock.

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