Tan Easy Portable Spray

Tan.Easy tanning tools use micro-whirlwind technology for smooth tanning airflow. Tan.Easy spray machines are designed by beauty experts to provide professional salons with a simple sunless tanning method.

If you have become accustomed to streaks and uneven tan bulkier tanning machines, it is time for a tanning reinvention you can use at salons and on the go. The portable spray tool is made with a quick-connect plus system and a special air-flow technology.

Tan.Handy distributes golden tan evenly around curves and without creating orange areas from too much product on dry or hidden skin.

Packed in one compact unit, you don't need to add hoses or a product container separately - you use only 30-40ml of product per session for perfect, sun-kissed skin.

Tan.Easy Tanning Tent

With this tanning tent, you can leave your worries about tanning mess behind - even if you are spraying your skin at home, walls and furniture will remain spotless.

Keep the skin tanned and your client’s home clean as you deliver professional tanning and beauty services - the guaranteed bronze glow is so much easier as you get more freedom to manipulate with the Tan.Easy tanning tools under the tent cover.

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