Tinted Moisturiser

Why Choose Tinted Moisturiser?

A tinted moisturiser is a cross between a light coverage foundation and actual moisturising cream. It's often compared to BB cream, although BB creams have a little more coverage and often contain SPF properties too. One of the biggest reasons to pick a tinted moisturising cream over anything else is that its primary focus is on hydrating the skin. That's great news if your typically someone who suffers from dry skin! There are a few different colours you'll be able to pick from so make sure you select the right colour for your skin!

Picking A Tinted Moisturiser Colour

Selecting a tinted moisturiser is easier than hunting for a foundation. Since the tint is subtle, you won't see a great deal of difference to the skin. To make picking a colour easier, we'd recommend trying a tester first. Just add one that visually appears to be the closest to your skin type, and apply a small amount to the back of your hand. Wait a minute for the tint to dry and if it appears clear on the back of your hand, it means it's a good fit for your face. Alternatively, you could apply the tester to your face, although we wouldn't recommend this just for hygiene reasons. If you're unable to view them in person, try and best match the colour to your foundation. An example of this would be if your foundation is creamy beige, try and find the closest to that. The most important thing is to ensure your tinted moisturiser has plenty of vitamins, to hydrate your skin.

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