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The maker of high-performance men grooming products, Vitaman, is an Australian brand that provides products and advice for hands-on men's body and skincare routine.

Understanding that men have the need to look healthy and groomed in practical ways, Vitaman takes care to bring all that in its products based on organic natural components which grow in the Australian wild.

Shaving, facial, and body products by Vitaman are based on the key base ingredient - white tea, that is rich with antioxidants, thus energising its fans from top to bottom in several neat steps. Firstly, face and body products by Vitaman contain high-quality local ingredients for clean, fresh, shaven skin, and invigorated body energy.

Secondly, a number of hair concerns are addressed such as dandruff, sensitive skin, oily skin and thinning hair. Additionally, you can also browse for care kits and bestsellers, including top buys such as:

Refreshing eye serums, soothing shaving balms, and the anti-aging product line make Vitaman a favourite for the modern gentleman who likes dedicating time to an essential maintenance routine every day.

Vitaman Starter Kits

Starter kits include a selection of matching products for skin-specific, hair-specific, or age-specific care. Instead of searching for compatibility among many brands for days, grab a starter kit and tackle all at once. Most effective and sought-after Vitaman starter packs include:
  • Thinning Hair Treatment Kit
  • Barber Quality Shave Kit
  • Dry Scalp Treatment Kit
  • Premium Skincare Routine (age 40+)

In addition to these top picks, Vitaman manufactures product ranges for ages 20+ and 30+, all based on natural botanical ingredients.

Finally, you'll have an abundant choice of body hygiene products, washes and deodorants you will love.

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