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Wahl Detailer Li Trimmer Cordless

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1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty





Wahl Cordless Detailer Li Trimmer is a compact yet powerful detailer trimmer that features a wide blade. It uses a high-speed rotary motor that turns at extremely fast levels, which gives it a close cutting edge. The Wahl Cordless Lithium Detailer uses a powerful lithium ion battery that can give up to 100 minutes of usage time after only a 45 minutes charge.

This Lithium Ion Battery technology is innovative as it is both lightweight and powerful. This places little to no pressure on the wrist and hands while in use. It also uses blades that offer adjustment up to zero-overlap for super close trimming and accurate detail work.

In addition, its wireless or cordless state gives the Wahl cordless detailer li trimmer a certain freedom that is not found in most other trimmers. This is because the range of movement of the Barber is not limited in any way.

Key Features

  • It uses a 38mm wide T-Blade which is wider than most Trimmers
  • Gives close precision cuts of up to 0.4mm
  • Blades can be adjusted to zero-overlap for a much closer trim!
  • The Detailer Li uses a powerful Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery gives about 100 minutes cordless run time off a mere 45 minute charge
  • It has an extremely powerful rotary motor that produces a faster cutting result than standard trimmers
  • Its precision blades give super close trimming, outlining, art work and accurate detail work

Is Wahl Detailer Li Cordless Trimmer For You?

  • The blades are extremely suitable for precision work due to that wide and fine design
  • The powerful lithium battery makes the trimmer useful whether on or off power and increases flexibility of use
  • It has a lightweight easy grip that makes it comfortable to use due to its economic resign the hand and wrist are not put on the unnecessary pressure
  • Observe proper hygiene in your shop especially when using the blades on clients
  • Clean and sanitize trimmer properly before and after usage
  • Do not leave the trimmer out in the open when youre done for the day
  • Store properly in a cool dry place
  • Ensure to oil blades properly to maintain its sharpness

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda H.
Great Trimmer

Very powerful, long lasting. Highly recommend for any hair dressers or barbers

Good quality

This is a good a good quality product. It's comfortable to use and lightweight to hold. Will highly recommend this.