How To Use Kiara Sky

April 30, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

Getting a glorious set of perfectly polished and groomed hands are an instant pick-me-up that you are proud to show off after every pamper session. What a better way to get them done than by introducing the new evolution that is the miraculous new wave of using Kiara Sky Dip Powder to get your digits looking fresh and fabulous. Kiara Sky revolutionised nail art by using a unique, cleverly thought, pioneering dipping solution to coat your nails instantly, making them chip-free and glossy. The best things about it is the fact that brand is cruelty-free, non-toxic, odour-free, MMA free and it air dries naturally. Learn how to use Kiara Sky, No catch at all.


The procedure is foolproof with cute 15mls bottles that are conveniently labelled and numbered to advise you which order they are to go in step-by-step, so you can do it at home or on your clients. The powder is at a finely milled consistency, finer than your average acrylic powder and with that comes a lighter feeling on the nail bed compared to getting acrylic nails or applying gel nail polish on top of your nail. However, in saying that, you can still use Kiara Sky dip powder on top of the acrylic if you long for that length or want to give your weak nail bed the extra strength and security.


With the Kiara Sky brand, their natural range comes in a larger size with 56 grams a pot and comes in neutral colours of clear, pure white and three shades of natural pinks. The colour variety, on the other hand, is weighed at a generous 28 grams per pot with solid colours, glitters and a mixture of unique colour blends. They all have endearing and quirky names for the colours that you cannot help but see how witty and clever they sound. For example, a cute bright peachy colour is called Son of Peach, a bright bubble-gum pink colour is called Pink Up The Pace, a flesh-toned colour is called Nude Swings and this is only just to name a few out of an assorted collection of over 50 colours to choose from.

This procedure consists of your nails getting prepped by soaking them, having them filed, buffed and then lastly having the colour ever so carefully applied afterwards. It is then dried via air dry, fan dry or under a UV lamp. With the Kiara Sky dipping system, the ingenious and one-of-a-kind thing about it is that the dip nail powder colour is actually applied first and then the shaping of the nail is done after. With the filing and buffing, you would expect it to come off but it truly doesn’t. The formulation of the sealant product seals the colour for the colour not to buff or chip away. Amazing isn’t it?

Kiara Sky Dip Seal Protect #3

Unlike regular nail varnish, Kiara Sky dip powder can be customised to your own nail designs by mixing the powders to create your own unique design or shade, creating glitter ombre effects, unique patterns or two-tone gradients.  And if you want to do your traditional French manicure, Kiara Sky have come up with their inventive creation of the nifty Kiara Sky Dip Case to get that pristine French tip with every single dip. And the removal of the dip powder on natural nails is just as simple as putting it on, if not even simpler! They soak off half the time it takes to remove gel or acrylic nails with the use of pure acetone.

Kiara Sky Dip Case


So how does it work? Read on below to find out how to get a salon-worthy result in a cinch with Kiara Sky Dip Powder Nail Kit in just a few steps.

Kiara Sky Dip System Starter Kit With Dip Tip Case

To prep the nail bed, you must:

1. Push back the cuticle.

2. Remove the natural shine away from your nail bed with a file or an electronic drill (the removal of this will allow the dip powder to adhere to the nail). Focus this around the cuticle and edges of the nail.

3. Apply the 1st bottle of nail polish which is the Bond to the natural nail.
(a) For an artificial nail, attach the artificial nail to the natural nail tip.
(b) Take a file or an e-drill and file down where the artificial nail meets the nail tip to create an even surface.

4. Apply the 2nd bottle titled Base to Âľ of your nail with smooth slow strokes, so not all the way to the cuticle.

5. Slowly dip your nail into the Natural Powder at a 45-degree angle up to where you have painted the base.

6. Shake off the excess powder on top of the open jar of natural dip powder and brush the rest off with a brush.

7. Apply the Base polish again to the entire nail.

8. Dip into the desired colour that you want. Do not worry if you pull out your nail and there seems to be a few bumps and grooves, we shall fix this later along the way.

9. Repeat steps 6 through to 8.

10. Dip your nail into Clear dip powder, this step will protect the colour from filing and is crucial to the whole procedure.

11. Liberally apply the third bottle which is the seal protect.

12. File and buff the nail to the desired shape you want, this will smooth out all your edges and bumpy bits.

13. Get an alcohol wipe to remove any minuscule dust.

14. Apply the seal protect again.

15. Wipe away with a lint-free cloth.

16. Now we will be applying the 4th bottle which is the topcoat, apply quick thin strokes. Let this first topcoat air dry first before going in with a second topcoat.

17. Repeat step 16, there should be 3 top coats, please ensure you allow the topcoat to dry long enough before you apply another layer on. This will ensure the longevity of your topcoats.

18. After your nails are all done, apply the fifth and final bottle which is the nourishing oil onto your cuticle and massage upwards.

PRO TIP: With most nail polishes that have a clear solution in the bottle, the brush tip may get ruined with the colour that you are using. Kiara Sky has already thought of this roadblock that a manicurist or nail technician may face and they have come up with the brush saver solution. With every application, you can clean your brush between and during every nail session. The solution dissolves any leftover powder and maintains a soft clean brush just like new.

Kiara Sky Dip Brush Saver

So there you have it guys, an introduction and guide on how to use Kiara Sky Dip Powder. Give it a try, what have you got to lose? You have everything to gain with getting a gorgeous manicure at home! Get your nails dipping. If you liked this blog please comment down below on what you think about my how to use Kiara Sky Dip Powder guide and I shall see you all in my next blog.



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