The Importance Of Oral Care Products

Oral hygiene is important for the presentation and cleanliness of your teeth. Not only is it important properly clean your teeth, but they can also help to brighten your smile and remove bad breath. Oral care products can be anything from tubes of toothpaste all the way up to express whitening kits. AMR helps to whiten your smile with specialised kits made to enhance that glow.

Say Hello With A Brighter Smile

Good dental hygiene will help to keep the yellow at bay. However, if you tend to drink coffee and a lover of wine, you’ll know the staining can be common. AMR offers teeth whitening solutions that you can use in the comfort of your home, or offer as a salon service. The kits are easy to use and can whiten your teeth by up to 6 shades in just one week. There are a few types of kits to pick from. Firstly, there’s the peroxide kit. It’s fast-acting and gives you noticeable results after the first use. If you suffer from sensitive gums, this might not be the right product for you.

Secondly, there’s the non-peroxide kit. This can take up to two weeks for optimum results but is better suited for those with gum issues such as sensitivity. Whatever the needs are of you or your client, we have oral care to meet your needs. This is the safer option if you’re unsure of how your teeth will react. It’s the better option to stock in your salon too as it’s a one product fits all solution. Remember, hygiene happens with you.


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