Sensitive Scalp Treatments: Must-Haves for Hair Beauty Salons

Having a sensitive scalp can be a long-lasting issue for your clients or show up quite unexpectedly. Some of your clients may not even be aware that they have it and it is up to you to provide professional advice and recommend appropriate care. Regardless of what is the reason for customers to visit your salon with a sensitive, painful or itchy scalp, you need to treat the hair problem accordingly. Using quality sensitive scalp treatments during your service and at home will assist in reducing irritation.

The Most Common Reasons for a Sore Scalp

Not all scalps suffer from the same problem. Some pain and discomfort occurs occasionally and will be a surprise for your client. Others are more persistent and your client will probably be well acquainted with the reason and require appropriate care to address the issue or avoid its worsening. There are several reasons why your client may complain about having a sore scalp:

  • Hair loss, thinning and shedding for multiple causes
  • Painful scalp when the hair moves
  • Burning scalp syndrome also called trichodynia </li?
  • Painful top of the head, associated with migraine and sensitivity to touch
  • Naturally dry and flaky scalp

Although you won’t be trained to solve all these issues, as some require medical care, it is good to recognize them and have sensitive scalp hair care products that will alleviate the issue when possible.

Hair Care Products for Sensitive Scalp

Most salons should have a stock of shampoos, hair masks, conditioners, and serums assigned for specific hair issues that may exacerbate if treated inadequately. Your salon cabinet should have designated shelves at least for:

  • Dry, itchy, and flaky scalp and hair prone to dandruff
  • Naturally sensitive scalp with thinning hair
  • Hair prone to allergic reactions when coming into contact with certain products
  • Sensitive scalp treatments for coloured and bleached hair
  • Extra nourishing therapeutic products for hair exposed to chemical procedures multiple times
  • Sensitive scalp treatments are enriched with natural oils, proteins and ingredients that are gentle to the scalp, helping it restore its natural balance and acidity.


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