Finding The Right Lash Supplies

Lash technicians know the importance of quality products. When applying products to a clients eye, you know quality trumps quantity every time. Our eyes are delicate, can become easily irritated and can become infected quickly. By using premium lash supplies, you’re less likely to cause irritation and reactions. This is because the ingredients found in the glue has been better tested and contains better quality additives. Red eyes and soreness can be very common when someone has their lashes first done. One of the reasons being that the lashes are too heavy for the eyes, poor product, a reaction to the glue or just the eyes natural response to the new lashes.

Light-Weight Lash Supplies

By using products that offer volume without the added weight will often show better results on clients. They’re less likely to be exposed to redness and irritation as well as adjust to them quicker. Many of the lashes AMR stock look as though they weigh more than they do. An example of this is where the lash weight is .15, but feels like .7 on clients.

It’s not only the weight that plays a factor when getting the best results for lashes. Firstly, curl and length are also important. Generally speaking, the bigger the length, the bigger the curl. You can also get some lashes that are more straight than shaped if that’s your client’s preference. Flat lash technology is what helps for the lash to feel lighter but offer the full coverage look. If you are unsure of which product is best for your clientele, just ask out friendly staff and they’ll be happy to assist you.


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  • LashXcel

    LashXcel Ellipse D Curl .15 Flat Lash Tray 11mm

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