Why Eye and Lip Care Is So Important

Eye and lip care are one of the first features a person will notice on your face. Have you ever heard the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul” well it’s partly true. Our eyes are said to be the most noticed facial features, so looking after them is a must. The lips are the second most looked at feature. It’s what we use to communicate and people can’t help but stare. Making sure you have a proper routine in place will help save you, as well as good products.

Eye Care Products

Your eyes are harder to care for. They are considered to be delicate, especially working with chemicals around the eyes. Having a good safety practice is best to have in place if you have an allergic reaction. Around the eyes is where wrinkles start to appear first. Thankfully, there are so many great products on the market to prevent the signs of ageing. Byotea has a number of creating a product for all skin types. Eye contouring gels are getting too for that added lift and protection.

Lip Care Essentials

Lip care can come in many shapes and forms. Some lip care consists of removing cold sores and other medical mishaps, while others ensure they aren’t being burned in the sun or cracking or drying. Working in air-conditioned environments can ofter see the skin to dry out, causing painful damage. An example of preventing this would include keeping well hydrated, as well as using appropriate care. Lip balms and moisturisers will be one of your best friends and essential to caring for your lips.


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    Byotea Anti-Wrinkle Contour Cream 30ml

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    Byotea Lifting Effect Eye Contour Cream Hyaluronic Acid 30ml

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    Byotea SOS Lip Protection Stick SPF 50+ 12pcs x 9ml

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    Byotea VitaCity C+ Special Care Draining Moisturising Eye Contour Gel 30ml

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