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Professional Tanning Solutions

Tanning solutions are the perfect way to get a darker complexion without compromising your skin. Tanning done by a specialist can look so much different than the one done at home. Since so many at-home experiments can end up with not-so-desired results, salon tanning is the only option for clients who like the most natural, shiny, silky, bronze tan. By offering professional tanning treatments in your salon, you will assure clients that a bronze tan is not only perfectly achievable but that it can also be their new favourite year-around accessory.  B.Tan and Bondi Sands are one of the favourites amongst public and trade customers. 

Salon Tanning Lotions and Creams

At AMR, we stock tanning solutions in a variety of consistencies - we know that no skin is alike the next one. Our tanning creams, foams, and mousses will suffice light, medium, and dark tanning treatments so that each client finds their perfect personalised texture and blend for the tan they want to achieve. Here is what you will find among our salon tanning essentials:
  • Tanning foam
  • Bronzing mousse
  • Bronzing shimmer
  • Tanning applicator
  • Micellar water primer
  • Pre-tanning primer
  • Tanning scrub
  • Feet protectors
  • Application gloves
These professional tanning bottles contain the right amount of ingredients to provide either a gradual tan or express tanning as a quick fix to get your clients ready for the beach. 

How to Apply Tanning Solutions: Preparation and Aftercare

Apart from applying the correct salon tanning lotion, a great sun-kissed tan requires some preparation before application. Additionally, tanning can be messy and without tanning accessories that keep your salon in order, the outcome can be less than stellar. To apply tan evenly, make sure you scrub the skin beforehand. Needless to say, tanning solutions work on clean skin so advise your clients to take a shower but skip applying self-care options or creams. They should leave the hydration for afterwards. This is crucial for the success of express tanning treatments. Gradual tanning allows for more mistakes as you don’t do overboard with dark skin all at once. You can remove excess tan and prepare it for the next application by using tan removing polishing gloves. Keep the feet clean with disposable feet protectors.