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Tanning solutions are in demand!

The popularity of tanning solutions started to boom since the 1960s when health authorities found a connection between UV exposure and skin cancer. To avoid any health issues, but at the same time look perfectly tanned, people largely turned to tanning products that started to flood the market. Nowadays, the popularity of tanning products increases significantly every year. However, finding the best tanning solution is always challenging as the market is filled with low quality and unhealthy products. Hence, it takes time to find the best option and best product for your skin to create the healthiest looking glow while also nourishing your skin.

What is special about AMR Tanning Solutions?

At AMR, we source only the best tanning products to suit every taste. Our tanning products don’t contain any harmful ingredients and are risk-free! Skilful use of AMR tanning solutions will not only make you look sun-kissed eliciting compliments, but also will give you that undeniable glow.

AMR Tanning Solutions

AMR offers multiple tanning solutions to suit you the best. B.Tan – B.Tan will give you the dark tan you have dreamed of at an affordable price. With their cheeky packaging and hilarious quips, B.Tan promise to give you ‘darker than the darkest tan possible’. B.Tan is paraben and sulfate free, and do not test on animals. St Tropez –  St Tropez offers multiple self-tanning products to get that perfect glow for your entire body, including neck and face. St- Tropez is easy to apply, delivers an even tan and is long-lasting. The formula is oil free and paraben free. MineTan – MineTan offers spray tan solutions with rapid, long-lasting, streak-free, odourless results ranging from violet onyx, chocolate, classic caramel to dark black tones. MineTan has added moisturising anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins and natural botanics to produce maximum hydration with superior anti-aging benefits. Bondisands - Bondi Sands brings professional spray tan directly to your home. Bondi Sands quality formula gives a spectacular richer looking tan inspired by the Aussie sun. Long lasting, suitable for all skin types and affordable. Invigorate your skin with every application. Vani-T – Vani-T combines breakthrough technology with nutrient-rich indigenous Australian botanicals to create just-off-the-beach tans.  With the added benefits of Amino Acid, Lactic Acid, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Vani-T works by both tanning and moisturising your skin with luxury. Summer Skin – Summer Skin is specially formulated to provide natural medium to dark bronze tans. Summer skin delivers natural, streak free and fast-acting tans. It is infused with rich moisturisers and botanical extracts, and is also paraben free.