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Loving Tan

Loving Tan Back Applicator for Self Tanning

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Benefits & Features


Loving Tan Back Applicator for Self Tanning is an easy reach applicator for almost anywhere within the body. The tool comes in handy for those who have difficulties reaching some parts of their bodies during tanning. The self tanning back applicator features a soft foam part designed to offer the best even coverage on any part of the body. For a flawless self tanning, get the Loving Tan Back Applicator and enjoy unlimited reach to every part of your body.

You can use the applicator self tanning tool anywhere you are as it is foldable and easy to store. This feature makes it an easy travel component for all those fake tanning before the beach trip. This tool does not require expertise as even a novice can achieve an even tone when applying sunless tanner. The handle extends forward and you can lock it into a position that suits the part of the body you want to reach.

The best application method is when the tanning lotion is on the foam side of the applicator and used in sections. This applicator enables you to put on your tanning cream even at the tail ends of your back where your hand cant get to. For best results, the loving tan product should be in small amounts and applied directly to the spot.

Key Features

  • The Loving Tan Back Applicator comes with a handle that you can extend which makes it easy for the tool to reach all the body parts.
  • It gets to the hidden angles of the body with so much ease and effects an even tone application on the difficult to reach areas
  • It is portable and foldable to fit into any travel pack making the equipment very handy even when on trips
  • The applicator comes with a soft foam design which helps to smear the loving tan product evenly on all parts of the body with much ease

Is Loving Tan Back Applicator for Self Tanning for You?

  • It folds and makes for easy storage and move around, comes in handy during trips
  • The applicator has an extendable handle which gives it more reach to your back parts with ease
  • Foam part helps you achieve even coverage with little effort


  • Extend the handle of the applicator until it locks into the desired place
  • Place a reasonable amount of your best loving tan mousse or moisturiser on the foam part
  • Allow the dressing for about a minute to dry
  • Rinse self tan back applicator with water after use
  • Allow to dry before storage Apply the product directly to the part of the body in sections to get even coverage

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Customer Reviews

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Quality product

It's quick and easy to use. I love that I can reuse it since it's washable.

Great product

It gets to the hidden angles of the body on the difficult to reach areas. Great