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AMR Professional

AMR Professional Aluminium Foil Silver 300m

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Benefits & Features

AMR professional aluminium foil is a durable 300m length modern foil. This foil for hair comes in coated silver, making it a good backdrop for viewing the effect of hair treatment. Using this foil during colouring and bleaching enables proper bleaching and dyeing. This aluminium foil has a smooth texture that offers a better and even dye or bleach application, lowlighting, and highlight processes.

It works great to prevent colour or bleach from spreading to parts of the hair you do not want colour or bleach. The AMR professional aluminium foil help reduce wasting resources, as the foil is used to mark out regions with colour or bleach to prevent reapplying on such areas.

Key Features

  • Moderate thickness: 20microns, ideal for trapping heat
  • Comes in 12cm x 300cm size
  • Durable foil
  • Ideal for bleaching and colouring processes.
  • 300m long foil
  • Attractive silver coating: makes viewing hair colour and bleach effect

Is This Product for you?

  • It helps separate hair into parts, ensuring you do not waste colour or bleach
  • Low risk of damaging hair due to excessive use of bleach and colour as foil enables you to separate the coloured parts from the undyed
  • Professional hair foil makes hair colouring and bleaching look more natural

How To Use AMR Professional Aluminium Foil Silver 300m

  • Dry hair depending on the purpose of foiling.
  • Cut foil into strips. Strip size depends on hair length
  • Section the hair you want to bleach or colour
  • Place foil underneath the part of the hair
  • Apply colour or bleach
  • Wrap foil around the hair
  • Let the wrapped hair stand for some time
  • Remove foil
  • Wash hair.

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rebecca bainivalu
AMR foil

great foil , will order again

Rajeshwori Putwar
Good product

The product is of quality.

Tamsyn Clayden

Can’t review my order as I ordered nearly a month ago and my items are still not here! Will not be using AMR again!

Tracy Leonard
AMR Foil

Easy to use and doesn't tear

Pramila Shrestha

Best price