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AMR Professional

AMR Professional Hair Paint Brush Black

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Benefits & Features

Blend The Rules!

Throw out the rule book and bend the rules of freehand painting with the AMR Professional Hair Painter Brush in black. It wont only be the brush that looks this good after use with its stain free bristles and ergonomic designed handle.


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Customer Reviews

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Valentin B.
Favorite brush for hair painting!

The AMR Professional Hair Paint Brush in Black is my favorite brush for hair painting! It's reliable, comfortable to use, and delivers precise results. The bristles are soft yet firm, allowing for effortless and beautiful color application. Absolutely love it!

Kaliyah T.
Perfect size

I recently purchased the AMR Professional Hair Paint Brush in Black, and it's been a game-changer for my hair painting sessions! The brush's bristles are the perfect size, providing great control and seamless application. It's a great addition to my hairdressing tools!

Gordon S.
Must-have for every hair artist!

The AMR Professional Hair Paint Brush in Black is a must-have for every hair artist! It's comfortable to hold, the bristles are flexible, and it allows for precise application of hair color. Highly recommended!

Nathalie S.
Offers great control during application

The AMR Professional Hair Paint Brush in Black is a game-changer for hair painting! It's well-made, lightweight, and offers great control during application. The bristles are smooth and provide even color distribution. Love it!

Ashlee J.

The AMR Professional Hair Paint Brush in Black is amazing! It's lightweight, comfortable to use, and the bristles are smooth on the hair. The brush allows for precise and effortless hair coloring. Love it!