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ANDIS Barber Mat Large

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Benefits & Features

ANDIS Barber Mat Large has a wide area to store all your work tools- be it clippers, trimmers, or scissors. This barber mat for clippers is great at keeping your workspace neat and tidy. It has a non-slip ability, and its good grip allows you to place your work tools on it with the assurance that they are not going to fall.

The barbers tool mat serves as a workstation protector and a countertop when you go to cut your client in their homes. It offers a soft, durable coverage area where you can neatly arrange your brushes, scissors, clippers, and other items to keep the table clean after use. It also helps you organize your space and ensure good arrangement.

It also serves as a barber table mat. It sticks well to a variety of surfaces without slipping or sliding. The barber mat protects counters from spills when working on a wet project.

Key Features

  • Supreme barber mat is easy to clean and maintain
  • Its 30cm length and 45cm width make it large enough to fit most of your work equipment.
  • The Barber tool mats non-slip and good gripping ability allows you to place tools on it without worrying about it falling off.
  • Can grip to a variety of surfaces without slipping or sliding
  • Thick, heavyweight, and long-lasting
  • Versatile- serves as spill mats or barber workstation mats.

Is This Product for You?

  • Perfect for keeping all their work tools
  • If you require a neat and tidy workspace
  • Perfect for home or professional use.

How to use ANDIS Barber Mat Large:

  • Clean and dry the mat after each use
  • Wipe off with a dry towel and store in a cool, dry place

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Dustin Bender

All good

Mohamed M.
The large size allows me to keep all my tools organized

The ANDIS Barber Mat Large is a fantastic addition to my salon. It provides a comfortable and safe working surface

Annabella D.
It's made my work as a barber much more comfortable and efficient

I'm extremely satisfied with the ANDIS Barber Mat Large

Aydin M.
It's a well-designed mat that offers comfort and stability while working

I'm thoroughly satisfied with the ANDIS Barber Mat Large

Julissa F.
It provides a comfortable and slip-resistant surface, and the large size ensures ample workspace

The ANDIS Barber Mat Large is a must-have for any professional barber or hairstylist