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ANDIS Barber Mat Small

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Benefits & Features

Andis Barber Mat is a small soft mat that comes in 44.2cm x 19.8cm dimension. This mas offers you a convenient area to place your clippers, brushes, scissors, and other barbing equipment. It protects your workstation and countertop from damage and stain while keeping your equipment in place.

The Andis Barber Mat for tools is made from high-quality PVC that makes it durable and long-lasting. It is also waterproofed for cleaning and maintenance. Hence, if there is any spill on this mat for barbershop, rinse and air dry. This Barbershop mat material has super traction that makes it non-slippery on any surfaces, including glass and it stays put.

It is versatile as it can serve as a hairdressing mat to keep salon tools and ideal for use at home, bars, or any workstation.

Key Features

  • Nonslip mat: Stays put on any surface
  • Good grip: Any tool placed on it stays in place
  • Large 44.2cm x 19.8cm
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ideal for keeping clippers, trimmer, scissors, and other tools

Is this Product for you?

  • Helps you organise your workstation, keeping all your equipment together
  • Ideal for keeping clipper oil and other materials prone to spilling. It protects your workstation
  • Durable material, stretch resistant, and easy to manage

How to Use Andis Barber Mat

  • Clean spills on the mat with warm water
  • Do not expose mat to excessively high temperature
  • Store mat safely when not in use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Tori S.
It's a high-quality mat that offers a comfortable and non-slip surface

I'm thoroughly impressed with the ANDIS Barber Mat

Riya R.
It's compact, slip-resistant, and provides a comfortable work area

The ANDIS Barber Mat is a must-have for any barber or stylist

Manuel O.
It provides a comfortable surface and keeps my tools organized

The ANDIS Barber Mat is a great addition to my workstation

Mckenzie H.
It provides a comfortable surface to work on and keeps my tools within reach

The ANDIS Barber Mat is a game-changer for my small salon

Araceli M.
The mat offers comfort and stability, and the small size is perfect for my mobile barber setup

I recently purchased the ANDIS Barber Mat, and I'm extremely satisfied with its performance