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ANDIS Blade Care Plus Spray 473ml

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Benefits & Features

The new and effective Andis Blade care plus spray comes in a 473ml spray bottle. The spray bottle allows a small quantity of oil, ensuring prolonged use. The Andis Care spray is a multipurpose spray that can serve as a lubricant, cleaner, coolant, and more. This clipper blade care product reduces blades temperature, ensuring a comfortable and less harmful haircut.

The active Andis care clipper spray has a pleasant smell, making it an ideal deodorizer for clippers and trimmers. This lubricant ensures the clipper mechanism and blades work efficiently. Applying to your trimmer or clipper after use will help prevent rust build-up as components stay lubricated.

This blade spray helps clean the blades effectively. It washes away hair and debris build-up leaving the clipper blades clean, lubricated and cool for efficient performance.

This spray for maintaining Andis clipper and trimmer also works as disinfectants highly effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Hence, your clipper or trimmer is not only neat, cool, and lubricated but also sterilised.

Key Features

  • 7 in 1 Vitamin E enriched hair spray
  • Coolant: Reduces blade temperature during haircuts
  • Deodorizer: Has a Country fresh scent
  • Lubricant: Oil content ensures blades are lubricated and rust is kept at bay
  • Cleaning agent: High-pressure comfort tip nozzle sprays hair out of blade teeth

Is this Product for you?

  • This spray ensures the longevity of your clipper.
  • It ensures the blades do not get overheated as it serves as a coolant
  • Ensures clipper is neat and ready for the next client
  • It is easy to apply, as the spray is released from the nozzle when the cap is pressed down
  • Keeps clipper sanitised, as it contains bactericide, fungicide, and virucide

When clipping: With the clipper running, spray the face of the blade to cool it fast. Wait a few seconds for the coolant to distribute.

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