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ANDIS Clipper Oil 118ml

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Benefits & Features

Applying the Andis oil to your clipper blades ensures optimal efficiency and longevity. This hair oil lubricant helps reduce friction in the blades when vibrating at high speed, preventing the clipper from pulling as you cut hair.

This Clipper blade oil also works great to reduce friction on shears and other moving metal parts. It is colourless and odourless, so it leaves no stain marks on your clipper. It is an excellent lubricant for all clipper types.

Made in the United States, this hair clipper oil is of high quality. With Andis clipper oil, you are getting good value for your money as it is easy to use and clean after successful haircuts.

Key Features

  • Odourless: No worries about irritating smells
  • Colourless: Leaves no stain marks on clipper after use
  • Highly effective lubricant
  • Ensures clipper longevity

Is This Product for You?

  • Applying clipper oil before, during and after use maximises clipper performance.
  • Applying oil on blades helps ease the clipper vibration, ensuring smoother cuts
  • Andis Clipper oil prevents rust, ensuring you get good value for money from your blades.
  • Proper lubrication helps quieten the clipper as the blades move smoothly

How to Apply Andis Clipper oil

  • Brush the clipper to remove hair remnants
  • Position the clipper in a way that the blades pointed downwards
  • Turn on clipper (This is to ensure that oil get spread to all moving parts of the clipper)
  • Add two to four drops of hair clipper blade oil across the top blade
  • If the clipper has a lever, move it up and down
  • Excessive oiling can affect overall clipper performance, so limit oiling to a maximum of four drops per session
  • Ensure to oil clipper before the next use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Richard (R&B Hairdressing Club) Bui
Excellent clippers oil.

I’ve been oiling on all of my clippers with Andis oil which I bought from AMR hair and beauty supplies and it works excellently.



Paulina S.
It helps prevent overheating, reduces friction, and ensures the longevity of my clippers

The ANDIS Oil is an essential maintenance product

Dayanara M.
It's a top-notch lubricant that keeps my clippers performing at their best

I've been using the ANDIS Oil for years, and it's never let me down

Julie C.
The oil is lightweight, doesn't gunk up the blades, and keeps them sharp

I've been using the ANDIS Oil for months, and it's fantastic