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ANDIS Folding Blade Case

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Benefits & Features

Andis Folding blade case is an elegant looking blade bag that store up to 9 UltraEdge or CeramicEdge blades. The case has a see-through compartment for an easy selection of blades. The clipper blade trays also have Velcro closures- a material with high tensile strength and ensure the blade poses no danger to you once secured within the bag.

Made from Nylon, this bag composition is lightweight, making it perfect for transporting and storing detachable blades or guards/ combs attachments. Andis Folding case stores blades safely to avoid accidents. It also makes the blades last longer for frequent use.

With this bag, no more misplacement of blades or going through much stress obtaining them. It has clear slots for easy selection of different blades as you can view them all simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Safely store UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades
  • See-through slots making blade selection easier
  • Velcro closure: Ensures blades are secured within the bag
  • Nylon material: Makes for easy transportation and handling
  • Over 95 years of experience in the cutting, styling and grooming industry

Is this Product for You?

  • You can keep your assortment of blades in the same bag without mixing them up
  • No need to worry about accidentally cutting yourself while trying to access your blades since you can see them even while in the bag
  • Andis folding bag helps protect and maintain the blade durability

How to Use Andis Folding Blade Case

  • Put blades in slots with handle up for easy retrieval
  • Do not fold the bag, especially with a blade in it.
  • If the bag gets dirty, clean it with a soft cloth and warm water.

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