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ANDIS Magnetic Universal Comb Set 0.5 & 1.5 2Pcs

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Benefits & Features

Andis Magnetic Universal Comb set is an economic masterpiece that comes in a set of 2 pieces (0.5 and 1.5), taking into consideration a variety of hair lengths. This Master magnetic comb set is a guiding and guarding comb. It helps ensure the haircut is even while protecting the scalp from accidental nicks from the clipper blade.

Andis universal comb is a magnetic comb. It has a patented magnetism found only on Andis products. The Master dual magnetic system of this comb universal set retains its magnetism over time.

Compare to the clip comb set, professional will prefer this magnetic universal attachment because while clips break over time, the magnets in this comb do not wear out. It is made from rare earth alloys, which makes it a durable magnet.

To ensure the clipper universal comb attachment set remains firmly attached to the clipper, it comes with a Snap-On mechanism. This mechanism ensures that in proximity with a blade, this comb gets firmly attached to the clipper. This is to ensure it does not disengage when going through hair, ensuring the workflow continues smoothly.

Key features

  • Comb fits a variety of clipper models including; AAC-1, LCL, MC-2, ML, RACA, PM-1, PM-2, PM-3, PM-4, US-1
  • Patented Magnetic system for Andis products only
  • Snap-On mechanism keeps comb attached to clipper
  • Improves haircut accuracy: Guiding system makes haircut even
  • Clips are absent: Magnets replace clips in this system

Is this product for you?

  • Andis Magnetic Universal comb system makes attaching combs to clipper while working easier
  • The durable magnetic system ensures comb lasts a long time before requiring replacement
  • Ensure safer haircuts by preventing direct contact between clipper blades and comb

How to Use Andis Master Magnetic Comb

  • Take out from the package
  • Put Magnetic comb on the top blade part of the clipper
  • Leave to snap on

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Dania E.
I highly recommend this set!

I recently upgraded to the ANDIS Magnetic Comb, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. These combs are perfect for achieving precise and blended haircuts. The magnetic feature ensures a secure fit, making my work more efficient. I highly recommend this set!

Allisson B.
Must-have for barbers and stylists

The ANDIS Magnetic Comb is a must-have for barbers and stylists. These combs are perfect for achieving precise lengths. The magnetic attachment is strong and reliable. I'm thrilled with the performance of this comb set!

Mary I.
Must-have for barbers

The ANDIS Magnetic Comb is a must-have for barbers. These combs are perfect for achieving precise lengths and detailed cuts. The magnetic feature provides a secure hold, allowing for seamless grooming sessions. I'm thrilled with this comb set!

Belinda P.
The magnetic attachment ensures stability

The ANDIS Magnetic Comb is a game-changer for precise haircuts. These combs are excellent for creating fades and blends. The magnetic attachment ensures stability, and the quality is exceptional. I highly recommend this set!

Ashleigh M.
Game-changer for precision haircuts.

The ANDIS Magnetic Comb is a game-changer for precision haircuts. These combs are of excellent quality and provide consistent results. The magnetic attachment is strong, keeping the combs securely in place. Highly recommended for professionals!