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ANDIS Magnetic Universal Comb Set Large 4Pcs

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Benefits & Features

ANDIS Magnetic Universal Comb Set Large 4pcs is here to upgrade the quality of your hair cutting experience by making it much easier. The strong magnet Clipper Universal Comb Attachment Set enables it to fit perfectly and firmly secured to the clippers base without shifting or moving. Magnetic Universal Attachment Set has a firm attachment to the clipper makes the blending of hair a much easier process.

It works perfectly on a variety of clippers, and it is easy to clean and change. It is also long-lasting as a result of the high-quality nature of the ANDIS Magnetic Universal Comb Set. It comes with a wonderful set of any particular type of haircut that you might like to give.

You can easily change the combs and attach them to your clipper. The comb Universal Set gives you an edge to define your beards shape and achieve consistent cutting length for creating fades and tapers. The master magnetic comb set will fit into your clipper and would not interfere with the screw heads. With these combs, you dont have to worry about the magnets strength as they fit tightly and are durable.

Key Features

  • Large comb set of 4pcs
  • Patented Magnets
  • High quality and long-lasting
  • Durable and easy to use

Is this product for you?

  • Improves the quality of your hair cutting experience
  • Makes blending hair a much easier process
  • Can work on a variety of clippers

How to Use the ANDIS Magnetic Universal Comb Set:

  • Wipe the comb clean
  • Lubricate the clipper before and after use
  • Hold the comb correctly at the top of the clipper
  • Bring the comb close
  • Leave the clipper and remove the trapped hairs after use