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ANDIS Master Dual Magnet Small 5 Comb Set

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Benefits & Features

Andis Dual Magnet comb is a durable clipper accessory. It is the perfect accessory for safe clipper cuts. This comb for clipper comes with a patented magnetic system that affixes combs excellently to your clippers without the use of conventional clips.

Andis Master Dual Magnet comb has no clips, eliminating the stress of attaching comb to clipper. The comb magnet comes from durable, rare earth alloys powerful enough to maintain magnetism over time.

This master comb eliminates the difficulties of attaching the comb to the clipper. Andis double magnet guards comb takes care of this challenge as it is easy to attach to your clipper. Its Snap-on design fits an array of clipper models MBA, MC-2, ML, PM-1 and PM-4. These combs are infused with a mechanism that protects against microbial growth, making them safe to use. Andis Magnetic master comb ensures work rhythm remains unbroken so that you can achieve a complete finish job.

Key Features

  • Safer and more accurate cuts: No fear of clipper nicks with this magnet comb
  • Durable, rare earth alloys: Magnet retains its magnetic properties over a long time
  • Secure Snap-On mechanism fits Magnetic combs perfectly on the clipper
  • Eliminates the need for combs with clips that bend and break
  • Comes in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (1/6, 1/8,1/4, 3/8,1/2 inches, respectively)

Is This Product for You?

  • Save you money on combs that are not durable
  • Easy to attach to the clipper when barbing
  • Safe to use as it protects the head from direct contact with clipper blades
  • Helps make your cuts more accurate and professional.

How to Use Andis Master Magnetic Comb

  • Take out from the package
  • Put Magnetic comb on the top blade part of the clipper
  • Leave to snap on
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