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ANDIS Master Premium Metal Clip Comb Set

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Benefits & Features

Andis Master Metal Hair clipper attachment comb set comes in a set of 7 comb pieces. The combs are of different sizes, taking into account hair size and thickness. With these different sizes, you can select the comb size for a certain hair length.

Clipper combs have a variety of uses, while levelling and creating an even finish is their primary use, they are also used to measure hair length. The Andis Master Combs also serve as a barrier between the blade and the scalp. They help prevent accidental nicks between clipper blades and skin.

The combs come in durable plastic, but has premium metal clips for easy attachment of comb to clipper. These metal clips also ensure comb attachment to the clipper is firm, preventing comb from pulling off during haircuts.

It is easy to identify the different Andis attachment comb sizes as each one has its sizes laser-etched on its metal plate. This ensures work rhythm is not broken, as at first glance you know what size is ideal for the clients hair.

Key Features

  • Premium metal clip
  • Firm attachment between clipper and comb
  • Laser-etched plate for easy blade identification
  • Improves clipper versatility
  • 7 different sizes comb set
  • Perfect for hair levelling

Is This Product for you?

  • Laser-etched plate makes the combs easy to identify, making selection and barbing faster as barbing rhythm is unbroken
  • Makes your Andis Hair comb more versatile as you cut more hair lengths and sizes by attaching combs
  • Hair clippers metal attachments helps attach the comb firmly to the clipper blade, ensuring the comb does not pull off during haircuts

How to Use Andis Master Metal clip combs

  • Position comb with curved in part facing up
  • Align clipper with comb
  • Snap comb clip on to clipper.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Davin W.
These metal clip combs are sturdy and provide excellent control.

I recently purchased the ANDIS Comb Set, and I'm extremely satisfied with its performance. Offers a smooth glide through the hair

Courtney W.
These metal clip combs are durable, offer great tension, and allow for precise cutting and styling

The ANDIS Comb Set is an excellent investment for any hair professional

Derrick B.
These metal clip combs are of excellent quality and provide exceptional control and accuracy

The ANDIS Comb Set is a game-changer for precision cutting

Alisha O.
Provides precise cutting tool.

These metal clip combs are robust, slide smoothly through the hair, and provide precise cutting control

Aracely M.
These metal clip combs are sturdy, well-made, and provide excellent grip while cutting hair

I recently purchased the ANDIS Comb Set, and I'm extremely satisfied with its performance