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ANDIS ProFoil Replacement Foil & Blade Set

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Benefits & Features

The Andis Profoil Replacement foil is a replacement head for the Andis Profoil Lithium shaver. The Andis profoil shaver foil is ideal for finishing fades and giving haircut a professing look. Adding this foil to the shaver gives a smooth face shave by removing stubbles.

This replacement shaver foil comes in Titanium material. The foil lightweight, durable, and able to withstand high temperature. This foil shaver head is smooth, making it glide over any skin tpe, removing stubble and leaving the face silkier.

The Andis Profoil shaver works with the aid of the Andis Titanium foil. It has staggered foil blade sets to ensure a closer and cleaner shave. Beneath the foil is the blades known as the cutters. The foil acts as a barrier to the skin, preventing direct contact between the cutter and skin.

Key Features

  • Perfect replacement for Andis Profoil lithium shaver
  • Hypo-allergenic foil: Protects skin from irritation and bumps
  • Smooth surface
  • Proven stubble remover
  • Perfect for finishing fades
  • Gold plated durable titanium
  • 1 Haircutting machine and facial grooming material worldwide

Is this Product for you?

  • Removes stubble from the face, giving clients a smooth face
  • Titanium foil is durable and resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Hypo-allergenic foil does not irritate the skin, making sure skin is bump-free after shaving
  • Gold plated titanium is attractive
  • Ensures you use your Andis Profoil Lithium shaver for longer before replacement.

*Please note this is to be used gently on the skin to avoid damage to the fine material of the foil. Warranty will be void if used incorrectly*


How to Use Andis Profoil Replacement foil

  • Push the button on the right side of the Andis Profoil Shaver
  • Takeout the old Profoil shaver head
  • Turn on and saturate the shaver head with Andis cool Care
  • Remove any trapped hair with a cleaning brush
  • Replace with the Andis Profoil replacement foil
  • Turn ON the shaver and apply the cool care again
  • Turn the Profoil shaver upside down and wipe excess cool care with a clean towel
  • After cleaning and ensuring it is dry

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