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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Hot Lather Machine

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Benefits & Features

Barber Culture Hot Lather Machine produces lather at an ideal temperature for softening facial hair. When imbibed into facial hair, hot lather makes it softer, reducing the discomfort clients experience during a close shave.

With a liquid capacity of 400ml, Barber culture hot lather machine does not require a frequent refill. It also comes with a temperature regulator, which allows you to set the machine to your desired lather temperature. The maximum temperature attainable is 60 degrees Celsius, ensuring you do not scald clients with lather.

Barber culture is easy to refill and heats completely in less than one hour. It has four components that work in tandem to ensure the lather produced is hot. The components include a control panel, liquid soap container, foam pump, and plastic bowl.

Key Features

  • 60 degrees Celsius maximum temperature: Ensures you do not scald clients with hot lather
  • 400ml plastic soap container:
  • Highly calibrated foam pump: Serves the required foam quantity for the perfect shave
  • Durable component materials: the machine lasts for a long time
  • It helps Improves the speed and precision of shave as facial hair gets softer due to the hot lather.

Is This Product for You?

  • Softens facial hair for faster tad shaving
  • It has a high liquid soap carrying capacity
  • The temperature control panel allows you to set your own desired temperature.

How To Use Barber Culture Hot Lather Machine

  • Ensure the liquid soap container component of the machine is clean and ready for use
  • Pour liquid soap into the container
  • Add water
  • Let it heat and lather
  • Squeeze foam trigger to use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Well made machine

My skin feels softer since using this lather. It works great. Will recommend using this

Cold lather machine

This machine does NOT warm the lather. I have tried to get the company to help but no avail. They never answer.
The dispenser's lights go on and it dispenses lather (which I had to wait months to even use because you have to buy the lather from USA) when I finally got it and was so excited to use it, there is NO way it is in Celsius it was COLD. So if I could put negative 50 stars I would. As I not only wasted money on purchasing this dud of a machine, I also wasted all the money importing the lather to be able to use it.
Worst waste of money ever

Jaymz D.
Game changer

Now I received my lather machine, it has freed up my time and made life a breeze. I can't emphasize on how it make my clients feel of warm lather. Ready in only a few minutes.