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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Paper Collar 5Pcs

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Benefits & Features

Although capes are great for preventing mess, there is one vulnerable area: the neck. You may have noticed hair, dyes and treatments sticking to this area during services. These can cause extreme irritation and discomfort for clients. If you want to create a more comfortable experience, we recommend Barber Culture Paper Collar 5Pcs.

The stretchable paper pulp is suitable for all different types of neck circumferences. Begin by stretching a piece over the area until covered. The glue will ensure Barber Culture Paper Collar 5Pcs remains in place without discomfort, and you can simply dispose of the paper once finished. We suspect protecting clients during services has never been so simple and affordable.

Finally, many people are surprised to hear Barber Culture Paper Collar 5Pcs is water-proof. Made with specially designed material, this paper has less chance of disintegrating when in contact with water or other liquids. You can bathe your clients ' hair in your favourite products without worrying about constantly removing buildup around the neck.

Key Features:

  • Do not leave the neck vulnerable during services.
  • Suitable for barbershops and hairdressing salons.
  • Will fit all types of neck circumferences.
  • Minimise irritation and discomfort for clients.
  • Prevent hair, dyes and treatments from sticking to the neck.
  • The stretchable paper pulp is water-proof.
  • Begin by cutting and stretching the paper over the neck.
  • Glue ensures the paper will remain securely in place.
  • Dispose of the paper once finished with the service.

Is Barber Culture Paper Collar 5Pcs For You?

  • Clients are protected and relaxed during services.
  • Pair with other Glammar products.
  • Made by a reliable brand.

Directions of use:

  • Tear a piece of the paper strip from a roll
  • Stretch paper strip gently so it fits customer's neck
  • Join the blue glue strips together so paper sticks
  • The paper would not stick outside these blue strips

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Customer Reviews

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Kaylah K.

good item. thought i bought just 1 roll, ended up with 5 lol #winning

Great product

Easy to use and apply, keeping it in place for the entire service. Fits well.

Anita R.

Best I have used so far.