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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush Black

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Benefits & Features

Barber culture scalp master hairbrush is more than just a brush. It performs several functions, including exfoliation, removing dandruff, and improving blood circulation on the scalp. It guarantees good health to your hair and scalp. Using this master hairbrush makes your hair follicles stronger, grow faster and better.

The bristles on this scalp brush are a derivative of polyethylene. They are firm, flexible, and stiff, so they can reach the scalp when brushing. It doesn't have pointed bristle tips, so you don't have to worry about scalp irritation and itching.

It has a comfortable handle for thorough hair brushing and can also serve as a shampoo brush for washing hair. It is resilient and resists extreme hot and cold temperature. This scalp master brush is lightweight, small, easy to transport and maintain.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic handle: this makes the brush comfortable to use
  • Rounded tip: this protects the scalp from injuries that could result from contact with the brush
  • Lightweight: It is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Resilient and durable: withstands extremes of high and low temperature
  • Firm bristles: Bristle is sturdy and firm, ensuring it does not bend when going through hair
  • Certified dandruff remover and exfoliator

Is This Product for you?

  • Improves blood circulation on the scalp, which directly influences the rate of hair growth
  • It makes hair healthier by spreading sebum produced by the scalp evenly
  • Multipurpose brush serves as a scalp brush and shampoo brush

How to Use Barber Culture scalp master brush

  • Run the brush over the hair
  • Repeat action until hair is smooth
  • Wash brush after use to remove hair residues and dead skin

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