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Barber Culture

Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush Black 12Pk

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Benefits & Features

Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush Black helps in removing dandruff and build-up. This scalp brush comes with a flexible polyethene design. Besides, its bristles deliver natural circulation of blood around the hair follicles. The scalp master brush restores better blood flow in hair to enhance growth and shine.

For the best scalp health, this brush offers great assistance in exfoliation. It comes in a pack of 12, giving a wide range of options to pick from in case of multiple uses. Maintain optimum scalp health with the soft designed bristles on the scalp brush. It increases the speed of growing hair with a flow-enhancing scalp massage.

Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush helps to detangle hair and improve flow. The bristles are designed for constant brushing and combing through the scalp surface.

Key Features

  • Flexible design for giving and enhancing natural circulation of blood on the scalp
  • Polyethene bristles help to prevent the growth and build-up of dandruff in the hair
  • Soft bristles enable quick detangling of hair during regular combing exercises
  • It contains 12 combs per pack to give you a wide range of choosing options

Is Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush for you?

  • The polyethene bristles on the scalp brush are flexible and offer a light massage
  • Barber Culture Scalp Master hair Brush enhances circulation to improve scalp health
  • This scalp brush helps to hinder the growth of dandruff in your hair

How to Maintain Andis Magnetic Universal Comb

  • Rinse comb guard with water, preferably warm water
  • Rinse underneath guard to remove loose hair and dirt accumulation
  • Brush between comb teeth with soap and water
  • Rinse comb with warm water
  • Store comb in a dry place until when needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard (R&B Hairdressing Club) Bui
Excellent product for everyone’s hair.

Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush Is a great product for everyone’s hair.

Jodie D.
Great men love them

Great men love them

Jenna b.
Easy to use

Easy to use

Feels great

So easy to use and it helps with my dandruff issues. Also good for massaging in your hair. I would recommend this product.