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Barber Pro

Barber Pro Shaving Mug White

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Benefits & Features

Barber Pro Shaving Mug made from porcelain is both elegant and functional. This shaving mug for soap and other shaving products has a wide lip complemented by short sides, ideal for lathering activities. The handle of this mug is comfortable, making lifting and holding easier. While made from dense porcelain, it is lightweight and does not weigh heavily on the hand.

Handmade and crafted with your shaving rituals in mind, this porcelain shaving mug is durable and does not break easily. It comes in glossy black, which creates a colour contrast with the white soap lather. These mugs are an attractive addition to your barbershop to perform a wet shave treatment. It is great for creams and soap.

Key Features

  • Made from dense porcelain, crafted under high temperature
  • Ergonomic handle for best grip when applying lather
  • Flat bottom ensures mug stays put when placed on a flat surface
  • The shiny finish makes the mug attractive and elegant
  • Poor heat-conducting material ensures hot lather placed in mug remains hot
  • Available in Black and white

Is This Product for You?

  • Hot lather helps soften hair, and this mug keeps hot lather hot until you need it
  • An ergonomic handle makes handling this mug easier
  • The lightweight mug does not weigh heavily on hand.


  • Made from porcelain, it would shatter when dropped from a height
  • Excessive heat could damage the integrity of the material
  • Wash mug after use and store properly.

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Customer Reviews

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I love it.

Like the nice wide diameter makes it easy to lather. I was very pleased with this purchase.