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Brasil Cacau

Brasil Cacau Express Kit 110ml

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Benefits & Features

Curly Hair

Curly Hair



Nature Friendly

Nature Friendly

Paraben Free

Paraben Free

Sulphate Free

Sulphate Free

Brasil Cacau Express Kit comes with the most innovative and efficient blend of ingredients to bring about a smoothening treatment on hair. It combines the innovative Brasilian Keratin technology with amazing natural raw materials that are rich in soothing components. This keratin hair treatment helps to effect quick reinforcement of the hair's internal structure while also improving the overall state of the hair cuticle.

The Brasilian keratin treatment is purely natural and encourages the use of harsh or unnatural components to maintain hair safety. This keratin soothing treatment helps in removing every form of frizz from your hair with adequate protection. Hair keratin formula gives a soothing effect on the hair cuticle with its rich raw materials deposit. The amazing Brasilian hair treatment contains no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals that may cause temporal/ permanent damage to hair.

This keratin treatment for curly hair gives instant results, so there is no need to wait for days after your treatment. The instant results help quicken any styling you want. For example, you can use clips and wear a ponytail immediately after you leave the salon. And the hair smoothing treatment contains cystine and sugarcane carbohydrates combined with hair keratin to strengthen and smoothen the cuticle. It affects maximum hair reconstruction with its omega 3 and 6 additive.

Key Features

  • It comes with the effective Brasilian keratin technology that helps in effective and professional hair smoothing
  • It contains no formaldehyde or harmful chemicals to ensure optimum hair safety and scalp health with elimination of frizz.
  • The kit contains omega 3 and 6 with the antioxidant-rich Acai berry to enhance efficient hair reconstruction
  • Sugarcane carbs and cystine combine with the hair's natural keratin deposit to fill, seal and smoothen the cuticle
  • The kit contains three high powered formula containers with various qualities all geared towards effective professional treatment
  • Keratin hair treatment improves the condition of the hair by eliminating frizz and smoothing the cuticle

Is Brasil Cacau Express Kit for You?

  • No need to wait for 48 -72 hours when using this hair smoothing treatment as the effect surface almost immediately after application
  • It contains an amazing blend of ingredients that nourishes hair, eliminates frizz, and smooth the cuticle
  • The hair keratin formula has optimum reconstruction powers thanks to the deposit of omega acids and antioxidants in Acai berry.


  • Pour out a substantial amount of Brasil Cacao the keratin express (about 50-60ml)
  • Stir thoroughly in a clean shallow bowl
  • Apply the mixture on hair sections with a tint brush, ensuring adequate saturation
  • Avoid scalp area while emulsifying with your fingers
  • Comb in a downward motion with a tooth comb to remove the tangles
  • Allow for about 20-50 minutes to process

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Customer Reviews

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Rachna M.
Amazing product

Amazing product


Amr DO NOT test any products and will not refund compensation, please trial this product and test before using, can cause irreversible damage if chemicals are off !!!!

Jessica G.
Great Product, really easy to

Great Product, really easy to use.

Maria R.
Beautiful result I did my

Beautiful result
I did my daughters hair with this product
She loves it!

Amazing product

This kit is amazing. It really works and I highly recommend this to everyone.