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Briemarpak Skin Cleansing Swab 70% Iso Alcohol 200Pcs

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Benefits & Features

The Briemarpak Alcohol wipes are saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol. The isopropyl alcohol wipes are sufficiently thick. This makes the wipes highly effective at holding in the alcohol as compared to other wipes where the alcohol drips off.

The alcohol is very effective, and while the wipes are well saturated. They are not soaking wet, so no worries about the alcohol disrupting the cleaning process. During use, the sanitising wipes retain their saturation for a decent amount of time to eradicate bacteria and viruses on the surfaces.

The alcohol wipes are multipurpose, and you can use them to clean small salon glasses, laptop and phone screens, and more. It can also function as an excellent alternative for sanitising hands if allergic to hand sanitisers.

Lightweight in nature, the antibacterial alcohol wipes are of great value for the convenience and cleaning they provide while travelling. Each Briemarpak pack contains 200 isopropyl alcohol wipes. Store the wipes at a temperature below 30 degrees centigrade.

Key Features

  • Briemarpak Alcohol wipes are saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol
  • The wipes are sufficiently thick to hold the alcohol without dripping off
  • The sanitising wipes retain the alcohol for a decent amount of time during use to ensure that the bacteria and virus are killed
  • Multipurpose wipes: Ideal for cleaning phone, some salon glasses, and headphone, etc.
  • Each Briemarpak pack contains 200 sanitising wipes
  • Lightweight feel, which makes the wipes convenient to travel with

Is Briemarpak Alcohol Wipes For you?

  • No allergic reactions when you make use of hand sanitisers
  • lightweight sanitising wipes that are easy to use
  • Sanitising wipes can hold alcohol in properly and won’t turn the cleaning process into a sloppy mess


  • For external use only
  • Store at a temperature below 30-degree centigrade

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Tracey Rossiter

Very handy to use and great to put in your handbag etc