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De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Novacolor Developer Novoxyl 12% 40Vol 900ml

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Aussie Made

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De Lorenzo Novoxyl Creme Developer is about the best blonding result enhancer youll get on the market. The product comes with an improved formula that features a stabilized buffered solution to enable better effects. Novoxyl Creme Developer is formulated with a stable pH emulsion to give even better blonding effects when used on hair.

De Lorenzo Novacolor Developer Novoxyl comes with a thicker consistency that enhances the blonding colour mixture. It improves the conditioning of the hair during the process by ensuring that there are no run or drip fears. The developer thickens the colouring formula and makes for better results and effects. The hair colouring depends on the consistency of the formula, which is where Novoxyl Creme developer comes in.

The creme developer formula contains a controlled quantity of hydrogen peroxide, which helps bring it to a stable pH. It contains cetyl alcohol that improves the hair-lightening process. This Novoxyl formula comes as 3% vol and helps to achieve the brightest result in one step. It can serve as a bleach enhancer to maximize hair lightening effects. This stabilized buffer emulsion helps lift the final hair colour and comes in handy in blonding processes.

Key Features

  • Contains hydrogen peroxide to enhance the stabilization of the pH and enable better results when mixed with colour
  • Comes in 3%, 6%, 9% and 12% and a massive 900ml of the best creme developing formula for long term professional use
  • The product has a stabilized pH and can serve as a worthy colour lifter and maximise hair lightening effects
  • It helps to thicken the colouring mixture, preventing runs and drips
  • Vegan certified, not capable of causing chemical damage on hair

Is Novoxyl Creme Developer for You?

  • The developer helps to maximise lightening actions and achieve the brightest results when used with colouring mixtures
  • It features a stabilized pH buffering emulsion, which guarantees better results in blonding processes
  • Comes with a reduced alcohol volume that is not dangerous and not capable of causing damage
  • Get a generous quantity of the developer into the colouring mixture
  • Mix the content to enable better thickness and consistency
  • Apply appropriately using best colouring application methods
  • Allow the hair heat uo for some minutes after application
  • Rinse hair with warm water for best result

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Customer Reviews

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Worth the purchase

This is very gentle and smooth to my fine hair. It's safe and effective to use. I will highly recommend this, it works.


I am so glad that I found this product, it works great. There's no need to go to salon. Amazing!

Nice product

It's easy to apply and it works really good. Just wow!