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De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Novacolor Powder Lightener Supanova 500g

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Aussie Made

Aussie Made

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free



De Lorenzo Novacolor Powder Lightener Supanova is one perfect product for professional or personal use on scalp bleachers. It doesnt give off dust like the regular powder when measuring or mixing and offering the best creamy consistency. This dust free white powder lightener is consistent in texture and form even when processing, so no drying out during the process.

Novacolor Powder Lightener Supanova comes with a series of high-end constituents that makes it stand out amongst other mixtures of its kind. The premium-grade talc and fragrance in this De Lorenzo white powder lightener make the product a must-get for mostly professionals and experienced private users.

This dust free white powder comes in a 500g package offering prolonged use and long-term creamy consistency. It comes with a friendly and lovely perfume to give your scalp an overwhelmingly sweet scent. This hair product is the go-to answer for your optimum scalp health and helps you achieve the best on or off scalp bleaching.

The powder comes as a 100% Vegan product containing no harmful or superficial chemicals and additives.

Key Features

  • The Dust Free White powder lightener comes as blue granule bleach that does not create dust
  • Comes in 500g package of the ideal bleaching formula for both on and off scalp bleaching process
  • Contains essential ingredients like talc and jelly extracts that gives it an outstanding creamy consistency
  • The blend of constituents helps its steadiness so that it does not dry out when processing
  • 100% Vegan contains no dangerous chemicals

Is Novacolor Powder Lightener Supanova for You?

  • The Novacolor powder lightener is the best approach to get on and off scalp bleaching
  • It doesnt dry off during the bleaching process thanks to its outstanding creamy consistency
  • The dust-free white bleach Supernova powder does not create dust when measuring or mixing, which helps keep the mixture off the clothes of the professional.


  • Apply protective covering on the skin
  • Mix the Novalite powder in a palette with the necessary additives and according to the manufacturer’s instruction
  • Divide the hair into four sections and apply the bleach on each thoroughly
  • Cover the hair with a thin foil for the heat to aid the lightening process
  • Allow for about 10-15 minutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Good quality

It is a good quality product. It is easy to use and it works on my hair. Love the application process.

Jamie T.
The powder mixes up to

The powder mixes up to a nice consistency and is easy to apply, however I find it definitely takes on the longer side when it comes to processing.

Megan E.
Love this product. Never bleeds.

Love this product. Never bleeds.


I highly recommend this product. It is safe and effective to use. It works great. Just wow!

Must buy

I love this amazing stuff! It is very gentle and smooth to use. Love the result.