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De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect 250ml

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Benefits & Features

Aussie Made

Aussie Made

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Cruelty Free



De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect does an outstanding job in preserving the colour of your and fighting stains. It heps in maintaining the glowing hair colour that comes immediately after the application of dye. The product ensures adequate retention of hair hydration by acting as a shield to moisture loss.

The Novacolour protects by eliminating all forms of build-ups of hair styling products in your hair. It also helps in reducing the excess wetness of hair and takes out unwanted moisture without causing damage to the scalp. This product also decreases the sensitivity of the skin for the comfortable use of styling products.

De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect ensures adequate hair nourishment and glows with its combination of essential nourishing elements. It works best when applied and covered for about 10-15 minutes under a steamer to enhance optimum results.

To achieve the best results, apply on hair treated with De Lorenzo Shampoo and conditioner. Then, apply the protect formula to help sustain the hair colour. The formula comes in a 250ml container for long-term personal and commercial use.

Key Features

  • Comes with a good ingredient combination to reduce skin stain when colouring hair
  • 250 ml container is adequate for both personal and commercial use for a long period
  • Soft on skin/hairline and helps to remove unwanted deposit of styling products

Is De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect for You?

  • Reduce your skin sensitivity to styling products with the application of De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect
  • Helps to protect even your skin from stain during the application of hair colour
  • The formula also helps in the removal of excessive styling product build-up from your hair
  • Shampoo and dry hair properly
  • Apply adequate De Lorenzo conditioner and rinse
  • Apply De Lorenzo Novacolor Protect on the hairline to reduce skin stain when colouring
  • Mix Protect with Novalite bleach and perm lotion to reduce skin sensitivity
  • Cover the hair with a plastic wrap after application to help reduce wt hair and product build up
  • Complete the process by conditioning the hair again

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Customer Reviews

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Kristine G.

I have very sensitive skin and each time after getting my hair dyed my scalp and the skin area close to my hair line around my face and neck would itch for days and sometimes come out in red welts. Now I smear all those areas with Novacolor protect and get my hairdresser to add a teaspoon full into the dye and now I hardly have any reaction. Maybe a slight itch for a short time. Magic!


i love adding this to any colour product especially bleach. it helps with stains when used around the hair line, and just a bit in the colour also stops the scalp stain or irritation. when used in bleach, it helps with stopping that burn feel. Also really great if someone has dry sensitive scalp.

Brandy W.
good quality products

good quality products


Protects skin from hair color. Non irritating, smells good. So satisfied

Life saver

It stays put and protects ears, face and neck from any color transference. Very easy to use and does the job!