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Parlux Advance Light Ceramic & Ionic Aqua Hairdryer

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Benefits & Features

2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty





Parlux Advance Light Ceramic & Ionic Aqua Hairdryer uses its mighty K-Advanced motor with 2200 watt power and incredible 83m3/h airflow to dry hair in record time. It is an an eco-friendly dryer designed from easily recyclable materials to help minimise wastage.

Designed with ingenious Ionic and Ceramic Technology, the hairdryer provides even heat distribution to hair and ensures that the hair is not damaged during the drying process. It has two concentrator nozzles that provide different features; the wider one allows for faster drying, while the narrow nozzle provides a more stylish finish.

The ergonomic handle of the dryer alongside its strategically placed soft-touch switches helps to provide a superior experience to both hairdresser and customer. Weighing only 460 grams, Parlux Light Ionic and Ceramic Aqua is easy to carry without causing fatigue.

Featuring four temperature and two-speed settings, users can adjust this professional hairdryer to suit any hair type.

Key Features

  • Parlux dryer provides better heat distribution due to its integrated Ionic and Ceramic Technology
  • It features an ergonomic handle with strategically placed soft-touch switches for a better user experience.
  • Equipped with two concentrator nozzles for fast drying and a more polished finish
  • The processional dryer boasts an incredible K-advanced motor for super-efficient hair drying without overheating
  • Has a 9 feet strong cable attached to the hairdryer for comfortable use
  • Designed with easily recyclable materials to minimise pollution and wastage
  • 1 instant cold button. Perfect for adjusting airflow and proper setting of the hair
  • Comes with a decent 2 years warranty
  • It has an incredible power of 2200 watts,
  • Long life expectancy: Offers you 2,500 hours use
  • Lightweight hairdryer weighing 460g
  • Gives powerful airflow (71 m3/h) to dry hair faster
  • Infused with Ionic and ceramic technology to improve the hair health and make it static free

Is Parlux Light Ionic And Ceramic Aqua Hair Dryer For You?

  • Brilliantly engineered in such a way that hair does not lose its natural moisture while being dried.
  • It can be used for any hair type due to its four temperature and two-speed settings
  • It is a lightweight dryer that you can use with ease without worries about arm fatigue
  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Apply hair conditioner
  • Dry one section of the hair at a time.
  • Glide the dryer through your hair
  • Adjust the temperature as you blow dry.

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