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Parlux Advance Light Ceramic & Ionic Hairdryer Graphite

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Benefits & Features

2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty





Parlux Advance Light Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryer Graphite is a powerful, compact, and versatile hair drying tool made with technological precision. With its K-Advance motor technology, it offers a fast drying time.

Powered with 2200W, it gives a lifespan use of up to 2,500 hours. Its airflow emission of 83 cubic meters per hour gives you smooth hair faster. You can use this powerful hair styling tool on all hair types.

Preserving the integrity of hair just becomes easy with this Parlux advance hairdryer. It improves hair thereby preventing frizzy hair, and repair hair damage. This ceramic ionic hairdryer consumes less energy and allows you to do more work in lesser time.

All the hairdryer parts are recyclable and toxic-free. This is Parlux's way of contributing to a safe environment, and healthy living.

Key Features

  • A "stay-cool front case" technology keeps a low temperature in its front body to curb over-heating
  • Two nozzles: easy adjustments according to the hair type possible.
  • It weighs 460g, making it a lightweight hairdryer that is easy to carry and move around
  • Powerful Operation: it features 2200 watts that give enough heat for a fast-drying time.
  • Life span: 2500 hours of extended use
  • 4 temperatures and 2 speed buttons make it suitable for all hair types
  • Features an instant cold shot button: it helps cool down hair for proper setting once activated
  • It has a strong 9 feet professional cable
  • Has a built-in silencer for noise-less operation
  • Gives powerful airflow (of 83 m3/h) to hair dry hair faster
  • Environmentally friendly: The ceramic ionic dryer comes in recyclable materials.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty for protection against manufacturing defect

Is Parlux Advance Light Ceramic & Ionic Hairdryer Graphite For You?

  • Blow-drying is faster with this product
  • Styling hair in different forms is more efficient
  • The adjustable heat makes it a versatile hair dryer.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo
  • Apply hair conditioner
  • Dry one section of the hair at a time.
  • Glide the dryer through your hair
  • Adjust the temperature as you blow dry.

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