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The Barber Man

The Barber Man Shaving Razor 3 Black Plastic/Rose Gold

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Benefits & Features

The Barber Man shaving razor has a comfortable grip, which makes manoeuvring the blade when shaving easier. It has a flip-able cover for straight razor blades, so you can store them easily when not in use.

Beneath the rose gold finish and black plastic is a sturdy stainless steel framework. This shaving razor blade for men is rust-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance and comfortable shave. With the aid of its cutting edge razor technology, it gives a clean shave. It is a safety razor for men ideal for maintaining precise lines around the sides and hairline.

The blade is safe for use as it is hypoallergenic. The Barber Man shaving razor for men does not cause an adverse effect on the skin. Flipping this razor open and close is easy with its thumb notch feature. Ridges provide extra control during shaving and ensure the razor does not slip, giving a seamless shave.

Key Features

  • A foldable shaving knife is easy to store when not in use
  • The ridged design provides precision and safety to shaving while keeping razor in place
  • Stainless steel framework makes shaving razor durable
  • Rose gold coat gives shaving razor an elegant look while preventing rust
  • Does cause any skin allergies making it safe for use.
  • Rosewood handle material gives the knife a vintage look

Is This Shaving Razor For You?

  • It gives you a smooth shave while ensuring no injury comes to the skin in the process
  • Does not react negatively with skin
  • A flip-able cover makes storing blades easier while also improving their longevity.


  • Take the blade from the middle and divide it into two
  • Install only one half of each on the turret
  • Push the blade holder clip properly after changing blades
  • Shave with care and assurance
  • Detach and clean blades after every shave or use
  • The store is a cool and dry place

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