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Gamma+ Active Oxygen Nero Hairdryer Black

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Benefits & Features

2 Years Warranty

2 Years Warranty






Gamma+ Active Oxygen Nero Hairdryer epitomises sterility and safety. This dryer features a patented Active Oxygen technology not found in any other dryer worldwide. This technology works just like an antiseptic, eliminating all forms of microbes present in the hair. This Nero hairdryer also features noise suppression technology, protecting the professional hairdresser from acoustic stress.

This hair drying machine is much more functional than most as it looks after hair health, beauty, and well-being during drying. It helps enhance hair colour during the drying process. It is lightweight and features a comfortable handle, ensuring the user does not experience stress after long use. It also affords the user an uncanny balance which provides the free flow of work. Airflow and temperature in the hairdryer are optimal, and using them saves time. Gamma+ active oxygen hairdryer also helps protect hair stem during drying.

The hairdryer with active oxygen emission is eco-friendly. It has scientifically tested advantages certified by both biomedical S.R.L dermatology and Trichology Biomedical centre. Also, you could recycle the case after prolonged use. With silver nanotechnology coating the grill, it prevents microbial growth on the hairdryer, ensuring it remains sterile at all times.

Key Features

  • Active Oxygen emission: This is a patented technology helps control the growth of microbes on the hair.
  • Silver nanotechnology: This technology ensures no microbe survives on the hairdryer, making it a sterile piece of equipment
  • Proven medical advantages: Certified by biomedical s.r.l dermatology and trichology biomedical centre
  • Gamma+ active oxygen hairdryer enhances hair colours while protecting its stem
  • It is eco-friendly, ensuring safe and recyclable disposal after long use

Is This Product For You?

  • This product is durable, ensuring you would not need to buy another dryer soon
  • Lightweight, making it ideal for long periods of drying or a busy day at the salon
  • Features Active Oxygen and Nanotechnology, making it a very sterile and safe dryer on all hair types.


  • Plug this dryer in a power port with an appropriate power rating
  • Turn it on
  • Dry hair while combing to ensure even dry.

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