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GlamPalm The Magic Wand 25mm

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Benefits & Features

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Auto Shut Off

Auto Shut Off



Create beautiful and lasting curls with Glampalm Magic Wand. It includes a simple one-touch control that gives you the right amount of heat you need for your curls.

The silky healing stone barrel features the same ceramic heating technology as Glampalm irons, which helps treat the hair and gives it additional shine and sparkle. It gives hair a non-greasy look but perfect curls hair into your desired style without compromising the length.

Its unique 360-degree swivel cord moves around the base as you curl the hair, supporting your every move as you curl your hair. It hibernates after 30 minutes of inaction, meaning it begins to cool down completely, but jerks back to life immediately put it on.

The magic wand allows you to make amazing loose beach curls that last without damaging your hair. It is suitable for all hair types and lengths and leaves your hair feeling silky smooth.

Key Features

  • The healing stone technology helps treat your hair and gives your curls added shine and sparkle it needs.
  • The 3 heat settings allow you to choose your desired temperature for your amazing curls.
  • Special ceramic 25m barrel and 2.7m 360-degree pivot cord help you move easily to all angles while curling your hair.
  • Sweat absorbing grip that makes using the curler easy and comfortable
  • Far-infrared rays & anions for softer & glosser hair.
  • Auto-shut-of after 30 minutes of inaction.
  • A unique heatproof glove helps to put you in control of your style.

Is The Glampalm Magic Wand For You?

  • Suitable for all hair types and gives you cute beach curls that last.
  • Leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and does not damage hair.
  • Suitable for medium to long hair lengths


  • The warranty for this item is for 1 Year. Please contact if a warranty enquiry is required.
  • Dry hair completely
  • Brush or comb hair to strengthen
  • Put on the wand and set your heating level
  • Apply hair lotion
  • Divide your hair into strands
  • Take one strand of hair at a time, wrap it around the curler, and leave it for 5-10 seconds before release. Do not let the wand touch your scalp.
  • Repeat till hail is completely curled as desired.

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