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Goldilocks C2 Neutralizer Cream

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Benefits & Features

While most people know about perms, fewer will recognise neutralisers. Forgetting about such an essential product is a major mistake. Without neutralisers, the chemicals used in a perming treatment can make strands brittle and dry. You may even experience severe hair loss and breakage. Thankfully, Goldilocks C2 Cream Neutralizer counteracts these effects with moisturising properties.

This product is ideal for gentle straightening thanks to mineral oil and collagen therapy. There`s a functional counteragent that oxidises with bonus moisturising properties, and you can even remove residual odour. To use Goldilocks C2 Cream Neutralizer, apply to healthy hair for 10 minutes or apply to damaged hair for 5-10 minutes. You will be singing the praises of neutralisers after using this restorative product.

So, when should you use Goldilocks C2 Cream Neutralizer? As a Goldilocks product, we recommend pairing with Goldilocks Perm Agents H1, N1, S1 and EX1. Alternatively, use Goldilocks L2 Liquid Neutralizer for body wave with minimal stretch of the hair. Both products can be combined to create incredible custom structures.

Key Features:

  • A cream neutraliser for hair.
  • Prevent strands from getting brittle and dry.
  • Avoid severe hair loss and breakage.
  • Ideal for body wave with minimal stretch.
  • Remove residual odour after perms.
  • Hair is stronger and more glossy after use.
  • Combine with Goldilocks L2 Liquid Neutralizer for custom structures.

Is Goldilocks C2 Cream Neutralizer For You?

  • Essential for perms in the hair.
  • A cream formula for convenience.
  • Made by a popular Korean brand.
  • Neutralise with L2 Liquid Neutralizer for body wave and minimal stretch of the hair. Alternatively, neutralise with C2 Cream Neutralizer for straightening. Both can be combined to create custom hair structures.
  • Cleansing is not required after neutralising.
  • Blow-dry hair and set back into shape with irons.
  • For a very straight result, do not pin the hair. This will prevent indentation.

Do not cleanse hair for 72 hours.

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