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Goldilocks Premium Multi Perm 150ml

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Benefits & Features

GOLDILOCKS Premium Multi Perm No. 1 solution is a functional multi perm solution contains collagen and proteins, forms bouncy curls and allows quick treatment, covering both normal and direct perms


How to use:

It is mainly used for general perm or digital direct perm

1. After shampooing, lightly dry the hair.

Please note: It is more effective if you use a pre-treatment agent before application. Example: Goldilocks Keratin Clinic 01

2. Apply product to the hair using precise sectioning.

3. Treatment time and heat treatment according to the hair condition of the first agent Use by increasing or decreasing the city temperature.

For Healthy hair: 7 minutes of heat treatment and 10 minutes of natural leave.

For Damaged hair: 5 minutes of heat treatment 7 minutes naturally leave.

For Extremely damaged hair: After 5 to 2minutes of heat treatment, leave naturally for 7 to 5 minutes

Direct perm: Healthy hair: Leave naturally after 10 to 7 minutes of heat treatment 10 minutes

**( Depending on the condition of the hair, do not heat-treat the severely damaged hair.)**

4. Apply 2nd agent: After the curl test, apply Neutralizer (It is Oil-containing two-face type so you have to shake)

5. Leave it for 5-7 minutes naturally. (If have a PH balance(Goldilocks Bubble 04) application .)

6. Then rinse off Finish styling.

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