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Goldwell 4R-VR Topchic Tube 60g

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Benefits & Features

Goldwell Topchic 4R-VR is a powerful, permanent hair colour product. This Goldwell Topchic gives you an optimum result after use. The hair colour features warm and cool shades giving you more options to choose.

It also guarantees 100% grey coverage. Therefore, if you have grey or greying hair, this is your best solution, as its formulation properly penetrates the hair (without damaging it) and changes the colour gently.

Goldwell Topchic Professional Hair Colour is part of the Topchic collection that consists of over 130 shades of permanent hair colour dedicated to making your hair look great. With the Intra Lipid patented Coenzyme Technology, the Goldwell Topchic provides peak performance with the best possible hair protection.

This lasting hair colour remains on hair even after multiple shampooing and conditioning make it one of the best permanent hair colour ranges. It yields a better result when mixed in an equal ratio (1:1) with a cream developer lotion. This mixture makes it a better hue with a greater colour mass. It features a mild alkaline rate which is best for all kinds of scalp and healthy for tender hair. It spots the right pH value, which enables you to get the wanted lightness.

As one of the cool range Professional Hair Colors on the market, the Goldwell Topchic is the first to Stay cool owing to its CoolProtect Technology. Coupled with its equaliser system that helps create even colour results from regrowth to ends of the hair.

It comes in a 60ml tube and is best used with Goldwell Topchic Developer. Enjoy grey coverage in its absolute entirety with the Goldwell Topchic tube mixed with Topchic cream developer.

Key Features

  • Topchic colour offers regular colouring with 100% coverage and multiple shades of warm colour
  • Comes in a 60ml tube with muted colourful highlights
  • Comes with a mildly alkaline pH which helps you get the desired deposit and lightness
  • Integrated Protect System (IPS) core technology: helps deliver unique and top-notch colouring
  • Equalizer System 2.0 and a new Coenzyme Molecule.
  • Permanent Hair Colors
  • Formulated for professional use only

Is Goldwell Topchic 4R-VR Hair Colour Tube for You?

  • Its evenness, gentleness, CoolProtect Technology gives a great combination of excellence that results in durability and comfort
  • Gives you the best deposit and lightness thanks to the mild alkaline grade
  • It is easily configured to the Individual it is applied to, making it not only exceptional but also unique in a way

REGULAR COLOURING: Topchic is a permanent hair color and requires 1:1 mixing with Topchic Cream Developer Lotion to create the ideal color mass, the correct pH value and mild alkalinity, in order to reach the desired lightness and deposit.

GREY COVERAGE: For optimum grey coverage use Topchic Cream Developer Lotion 6% (20 vol.) and shades on the same level as the target shade. The N-, NN-, NA-shades deliver up to 100% grey coverage and can also be added to fashion shades to provide up to 100% grey coverage

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