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Heir Watches

Heir Watches Classic 28mm Strap Black/Silver

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Benefits & Features

This petite strap is designed to be paired with our Classic 28mm and Classic Noir 28mm range. It is a staple in any watch collection due to their versatility. It will perfectly accompany a dress watch for formal events while also being suitable to wear on any other occasions.

The leather is made from high quality top grain leather that is designed to distress the minute you put them on and will comfortably form around your wrist with extended use. The inner lining material is made of nubuck that is water-resistant, allowing it to quickly dry while still letting your skin breathe. The beauty in this nubuck leather is that it will gradually develop a natural patina over time from sweat, natural oil, scuffs and any other elements that comes into contact with it, creating a unique story that is only yours to tell.

All our interchangeable straps feature a quick release spring bar that allows you to easily customise the style of your timepiece in seconds.


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