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Hi Lift Cureplex Bond-Lift Bleach 500g

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Benefits & Features


Enjoy up to 9 different shades from the innovative Hi-Lift Cureplex Bond-Lift Bleach. The scalping bleach gives the hair an excellent light touch with the help of first-class ingredients. It contains a powerful bleaching concentrate that helps to protect your hairline and keep the scalp in the best condition.

The Cureplex Bond Lift helps to improve your hair's elasticity and strengthen the strands to make for easy styling. This bleaching powder also helps to reconstruct chemically damaged hair to fasten the healing process. This feature also helps prevent hair breakage, making it one of the best scalp bleaches.

Cureplex Bond Lift Bleach is suitable for all types of lighting techniques for styling, shaping, and cutting. The formula lifts up to nine shades on every type of hair and helps to revitalise injured hair. It is the ideal mixture that enhances on and off scalp bleaching applications. It minimises the cracking of hair and keeps out harmful pollutants from hair.

The bleach formula is more natural and safer than most ones found on the shelf of beauty stores. You can use the Hi Lift Cureplex Bond for professional purposes only as you need to handle it with utmost carefulness.

Key Features

  • The Hi Lift Cureplex Bond offers up to 9 shades of different tints to the hair, making it an asset for professional hair colour artists
  • The formula contains products that enhance the strength of strands which helps to minimize the incidence of breakage
  • It comes with mainly natural ingredients making it a safe and healthy formula for all types of hair
  • With its rare blend of components, this bleach helps to reconstruct damaged hair
  • Buiild strength from within and also protect the hair from external pollutants
  • Suitable for on-scalp applications as well as off scalp use

Is this Product for You?

  • This scalp bleaching formula is the go-to product for amazing hair lightening
  • Lighten your hair as well protect and reconstruct injured manes
  • latest innovative products from the Hi bonding tech that helps to build strength and elasticity from within.


  • Ensure the hair is well shampooed and conditioned for best bleaching results
  • Rub skin protectants or chemicals to prevent skin irritation and reaction around the head and face
  • Apply adequate quantity on hair with absolute thoroughness
  • Make sure the bleach remains on the main and doesn't trickle down to the eyes
  • Allow for some minutes for best effects
  • Shampoo hair again and rinse with warm water

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Anna G.
Love the Cureplex bleach.

Love the Cureplex bleach.

Tamara W.
Great thanks

Great thanks

Wavenie K.
Love this stuff

Lightens quickly , cleanly and leaves hair in great condition

Colleen A.
Excellent bleach

This bleach is great , it comes down from a number one base to a nine level . The condition of the hair is amazingly good . No breakage . Highly recommend it

Nicole S.
Cureplex bleach

Good used it over already foiled hair ! Good results