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Hi Lift

Hi Lift Cureplex No3 Bond Sustainer 250ml

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Paraben Free

Paraben Free

Sulphate Free

Sulphate Free


Hi-Lift Cureplex Bond sustainer completely sustains the bonds created by the Cureplex bond creator. This product is multifunctional to the hair, and its functions include strengthening new bonds and re-balancing pH. It helps boost the Keratin content of hair. An increase in Keratin helps repair broken hair bonds. Using this product extensively helps improve hair conditions while boosting hair growth.

Hi-lift Cureplex bond sustainer hair product for hairdressing professionals comes in 250ml for optimal use. It improves hair texture by making it softer and silkier, thereby making it easier to manage. It contains oil, which impacts hair with lustre.

This Bond sustainer in hair care has an unmatched ability to penetrate hair strands. Its oil content seals moisture within hair cuticles. This helps improve hair moisture retention ability. This consequently reduces hair conditions associated with dryness, including dandruff, frizz, and flyaways. It is also free from sulphates, parabens, and other additives which could influence hair structure, colour, and texture. This product is ideal for the repair of damages that result from over-processing hair. It does not interfere with treatments processing time, use and results. It is also a mild formulation making it ideal for all scalp and hair types as it does not cause allergic reactions.

Key Features

  • Short processing time: This product has a processing time of 5 minutes, helping both client and professional save time
  • Strengthens hair fibre: This product contains Keratin which helps improve hair strength reducing its tendency to break
  • Zero interference: It does not interfere with chemical hair treatments, both in use and result
  • Improves hair moisture retention: The oil content of this product helps seal moisture within hair cuticles
  • Improves hair manageability: It makes hair softer and silkier, making it easier to manage

Is Hi-Lift Cureplex Bond sustainer for you?

  • Improves hair texture and manageability. It makes hair softer, silkier, and shinier
  • Does not negatively interfere with hair chemical treatment's processing time, use and result
  • Improves hair Keratin content, thereby improving hair strength and reducing breakages.


  • Shampoo hair
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Towel dry hair
  • Apply product on hair evenly from root to ends
  • Leave the product on hair for 5 minutes
  • Rinse the product off hair

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Melissa B.
Great product

My hair has never felt better so soft after a hairdressing salon bleaching my hair my hair was breaking off they used high peroxide bleach so glad u bought this product my hair has never been better from only using for 5 weeks can tell the doctor difference

Chelsea D.
Best service

Always quick delivery and amazing deals and products

Holy grail of bond

This stuff worked. This made my hair feel soft and smooth and it felt softer. Will absolutely buy again.

Zoe P.
#1 product in haircare

This stuff is great. I went blonde just over 2 years ago and have been able to grow the fringe part of my hair longer than I ever have and the only thing I have changed is the consistent use of Cureplex No.3. I never let it run out without having a new bottle at hand!

Jessica J.
Really seems to maintain hair

Really seems to maintain hair strength