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Hi Lift Powder Violet Hair Bleach 500g (Low Ammonia)

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Benefits & Features


Hi-lift Powder Violet hair bleach is the perfect bleaching tool. It is a Violet bleach that helps professional hairdressers see the colour while processing. This helps them ensure bleach lifts to the desired level. This Violet bleach powder is dust-free, making it ultra-safe for the hairdresser, as there is minimum risk of inhaling bleaching powder.

This dust-free powdered bleach also has a beautiful lavender fragrance. It has diverse forms of application, including foiling. It is non-reactive and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for bleaching the scalp. It is advisable to mix this product with a developer to help lighten the hair for optimal results. It comes in a 500g bag, making it the perfect Violet powder bleach for professional salon use.

Hi-lift powder- Violet bleach uses a mild formulation, making it ideal for use on all hair types. Using this product guarantees intense and vibrant colour results. This Violet hair bleaching powder is also infused with a re-constructor that helps repair hair damage. This product is free from a heavy ammonia smell and does not damage hair.

Key Features

  • Dust-free powder: Safe for use as there is no risk of inhaling powder bleach compound accidentally during bleaching
  • Ease of usage: Powdery consistency applies evenly, making the application more precise
  • Reconstructs hair: This product comes infused with a re-constructor which helps repair damaged hair.
  • Sweet fragrance: It features a Lavender fragrance that gives the hair and scalp a pleasant smell after bleaching
  • No heavy ammonia smell

Is This Product For You?

  • Easy to use and gives hair the desired lift and colouration necessary for the perfect dye application
  • It leaves hair with a flowery fragrance, making it an efficient hair bleach.
  • Product is available both online and in-store, making it easier for you to acquire.


  • Put the desired amount of Violet powder bleach into a non-metallic bowl
  • Get hydrogen peroxide twice the amount of the powder in the bleach
  • Pour the peroxide into the bowl
  • Mix both powder and peroxide until you achieve a creamy consistency
  • Apply product on the hair.

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Great. Very easy to bleach your hair and its also dust-free. I love it.