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Inebrya Colour Green Intensifier 100ml

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Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Professional hair colouring cream. Its perfect natural colouring guarantees total grey coverage. Its wide range of tones has been designed to create a variety of intense, brilliant and long lasting shades. The nourishing and conditioning properties of its active principles - Linseed Oil and Aloe Vera - help reduce skin irritation and provide natural protection for both the hair and scalp.

Preparation: Ratio 1:1,5 - Superlightener: Ratio 1:2 - Contrast : Ratio 1:2.

Contrast colour (oxidation hair colouring cream with a dual lifting and colouring action) is perfect for creating both partial lightening details and total fashion effects. Suitable for either coloured or natural hair, colour results are reached in just one simple application without having to first decolour.

Use: Mix: Depending on the bleaching technique Balayages, foiling and complete lightening. 1:2 u2013 1:2 USE: handle the package to homogenize the contents and, in a non-metallic container, pour the required quantity (20-50 gr) adding the oxidizing emulsion Inebrya Activator and using a spatula or a brush until obtaining a creamy consistency and homogeneous. Allow the hair to work for 5 to 45 minutes until the desired lightening level is reached. Then rinse thoroughly. Professional advice: Do not apply product to the skin and keep at least 1cm from scalp

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Fantastic to counteract red pigments

Buy it

It looks amazing. It was easy to apply and my hair is super soft after.